Fall Gardeners’ Festival

Our 2023 Fall Gardener’s Festival Field Day event was held on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 beginning at 8:00a.m. (CDT). The event took place on the Plateau AgResearch and Education Center in Crossville.

Presentations Include:

  • Seed Grown Flowers for the Home Garden
  • Lawn and Landscape Weed Control
  • The Joy of Growing Houseplants
  • Growing Dahlias in Tennessee
  • Hydrangea Hysteria
  • Pesticides and Alternative Controls
  • Greens in Small Spaces: From Mini to Micro and
  • Foraging: Edible, Medicinal, and Poisonous
    Plants of Tennessee
  • Mixing Herbaceous Perennial Plants in the
  • The Nuances of Novelty Fruit
  • Managing Wildlife Around the Home
  • Working with Nature in Our Tennessee Yards
  • Pruning with a Purpose
  • The Birds and Bees of Wildflowers
  • Butterflies: Flying Flowers in the Garden
  • New Advances in Roses

Fall Gardener’s Festival – Postcard

Fall Gardener’s Festival – Flyer

Fall Gardeners' Festival 2023 Welcome Sign

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