Cumberland County Master Gardener's Association
Master Gardeners share unbiased, reliable, research-based information with home landscapers and gardeners.
UT Beef and Forage Center
Facilitating research and communication to advance the Tennessee Beef and Forage industry.
Center for Renewable Carbon
Positioning Tennessee as a leader in reducing our dependence on petroleum.
UT Gardens
An outdoor lab to evaluate various plants, trees, and shrubs.
UT Organics
Increasing farm income and keeping family farms in the family.
UT Soil, Plant, and Pest Center
Soil, media, forage, and grain testing; Insect and plant disease identification; Manure and plant tissue analysis
UT Crops
Statewide trials and management of corn, cotton, soybean, and small grains.
Sun Grant BioWeb
Providing current info to use biomass resources for bioenergy and bioproducts.
Center for Native Grasslands Management
Forage production, biofuels production, restoration of native grassland communities, and wildlife conservation.
SunGrant Initiative
Renewable energy, revitalizing rural areas, and biobased industries.
Forest Products
Drying, wood composites, manufacturing and sensors.
Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Agricultural and forest resources, economic opportunities, and safe and dependable food and fiber.
Protected Agriculture
From hydroponics to organic raised beds, from computer-controlled greenhouses to simple rain shelters.
Vegetable Initiative
Research on varieties and methods with potential in Tennessee.